Get to know me..

Hi, I'm Baby Ghoul! A fun, loving, bubbly and open minded Dutchie. My long dark hair, modelesque physique and big green eyes make my appearance mysterious and sensual. Though, I'm just a girl! Easy going and quirky at times. And yes, I have a very playful, cheeky side to me as well!

If I had to describe my personality, I would say I'm a combination of well mannered and rebellious. Kind but honest. Calm but social. Sweet but naughty.

Since 2020 I am working in the adult industry with a lot of fun and passion. I've always been interested in sexuality, sensuality, gender roles, intimacy... There's not much unusual to me, I'm an open book myself and judging does not suit me! 
I enjoy incorporating these interests and way of thinking in my daily private life as well as in my work.

I'm a loud and proud sex worker in its broadest sense. I recognise the importance of sexual interaction, wether this is online or in real life. Having sexual desires is obviously very human and no one should be ashamed for being in touch with their curiosity.
Touch can heal, motivate, make you feel desired, young, adventurous and simply more excited! This is also why sex workers are so important. We listen, we care and we offer you the experience of passion that releases more than you'd think.